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Product Design

Add DFM Stream
to your PCB design & production

Streamline your electronics design and manufacturing process
with Design for Manufacturing techniques
using the new CAM350-DFMStream

(developed by DownStream Technologies Inc.)


Let's Change the Way the PCB Engineer Thinks of Design for Manufacturing

Get an automatic report detailing all DFM errors found in your printed circuit board project within minutes. Set up a comprehensive list of manufacturing checks for each PCB factory you use. It's easy - just click 'New DFM Stream' and select the appropriate technological rules.

Link your eCAD software (such as Siemens or Cadence) to see and correct each error in your original project interactively.



The 'Streamline Design Solutions' Company Delivers Exceptional Products and Services to the Eastern Europe companies, including Poland and the Baltic States

CAM350 - an ultimate solution for PCB data analysis

From the affordable basic CAM350 bundle for viewing Gerber files or ODB++/IPC-2581 PCB data, to the powerful set of editing, layer comparison, panelization, and DFM analysis tools in the popular CAM350-DFMStream bundle.

Both network and node-locked licenses are available.

This is an ideal tool for R&D and EMS companies, and can be further customized for use in PCB manufacturing or sales shops by adding functions such as panel, flying probe test, and bed of nail test editors. The product has been developed by DownStream Technologies Inc. for over 20 years.


Blueprint-PCB - a perfect tool to automate creation of fabrication drawings

Our second product, also from DownStream Technologies Inc. and based on the same technology, is Blueprint-PCB - a tool that helps R&D departments reduce the time and effort required to create PCB/PCBA drawings by up to 10 times. Use templates to create a set of drawings in just minutes, instead of hours or days. Easily import your PCB Gerber data or ODB++/IPC-2581 and press a single button to generate a full set of interactive drawings that are ready to print or export to PDF.

Easily edit & panelize PCB

If you need to make just a few changes to your PCB design, such as adding fiducials and creating an assembly panel for the SMT line, CAM350 with its FastArray add-on module can do it for you automatically and without errors. And if you need a panel assembly drawing with soldering instructions, simply run Blueprint-PCB on the same project to generate a full set of drawings for your factory.


WHY CAM350-DFMStream

A different approach, using a new method of creating the manufacturing documentation.

Run BluePrint-PCB and use the library of templates to create the PCBA fabrication process chart within few minutes.

Make your documentation interactive, easily attach PDFs, images, movies and additional drawings.


Users & Markets

Almost any PCB shop in the world uses CAM350 software at initial stages of PCB project analysis. It's one of the most easy to use but powerful tools available.

Hundreds of EMS companies use CAM350-DFMStream as a pre-production check tool, to avoid possible failures or delays in PCB production.

Leading electronic manufacturers include CAM350 in their R&D process, as additional DFM stage to check the PCB project data independently from their eCAD systems - to introduce the special control step which allows to fix the "stupid errors" and to reduce the impact of the human factor.

EMS companies

PCB factories

R&D departments

OEM manufacturers


CAM350 & BP In Numbers

10 000+









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Warsaw, Poland

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