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DFM Expert

Verify your PCBA before assembly

Do you design and manufacture the electronic modules?

Do you use the EMS subcontractor factory for assembly, or do you have your in-house assembly facility?

The quantities grow, but you often see the quality issues in PCB fabrication or PCBA assembly? 

Or, maybe, your assembly factory runs hundreds or thousands of electronic modules per day, and you need to prepare the manufacturing programs?

And, finally, the DFM solutions from big vendors, such as Valor (tm), are too expensive for your company?

Then our software product is exactly for you!

DFM Expert imports your Altium (tm), Cadence OrCAD/Allegro (tm), or Mentor PADS / Xpedition (tm), or ODB++ / Gerber and BOM files, and... it's like a magic... it creates the 3D model of your PCBA and analizes the probable assembly issues in it.

You get the 3D-report with the issues, you change your design - and you get the project ready to assembly with minimized defect rate and increased reliability!

See the video below to know how it works:

Please contact us if you need online-meeting or pricing information.

Sample DFM reports

You can download the sample reports to explore what is the output of DFM Expert

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