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Because of increasing demand for PCB design & analysis tools in Lithuania, we hire a professional in sales but with technical background. You should know basics of PCB design, fabrication, assembly, as well as DFM issues.


Vilnius, Lithuania



What You’ll Do

  • Learn our software products and features.

  • Understand the use model of the software within the customer's environment.

  • Be in touch with the customers, keep them informed on new features and products.

  • Participate in the industry exhibitions.

  • Look for the new customers and offer the additional products to existing customers.

Who You are

  • If you are young, active, talented engineer and you want to work in a modern software reseller company.

  • If you are ready to learn new products and features.

  • If you love to listen to the users of eCAM software, understand their needs and expectations, and transfer this knowledge to the software developers.

  • If you want to make your lovely work related to electronics and PCB design, but more dedicated to contact with people, teach people and learn from people. 

  • Then this job is for you. Contact us immediately!

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